Edition 01/16
mybelt - the Optibelt customer magazine
The secret
is in
the recipe
We are building bridges and visiting industrial customers in Turkey. Also included: Tool specialist Bihler from the Allgäu in southern Germany and the new Turkish branch: Optibelt Power Transmission Turkey.
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Edition 01/15
mybelt - the Optibelt customer magazine
The special edition, in honour of the worldwide Optibelt brand ambassador Albert Einstein, looks behind the scenes of the 2015 Optibelt campaign year, traces the footsteps of a visionary and interviews the geniuses of tomorrow.
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Edition 02/14
mybelt - the Optibelt customer magazine
in the
Stories and facts from the Optibelt universe: 50 years of Optibelt in Scandinavia. A factory tour hosted by the largest paper pulp manufacturer in the world. And forty tonnes of sensitivity and Fingerspitzengefühl – this and much more can be found in this edition of mybelt.
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Edition 01/14
mybelt - the Optibelt customer magazine
At home in the whole world for more than 140 years and for more than 15 years in the Far East: The first edition of mybelt tells of suspenseful, amusing and fascinating encounters with people and cultures in Asia and the whole world.
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