Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, we are offering our seminars as online training this year. The free basic training courses take place in German & English and are available for the weeks

  • September 27th to 30th (English) as well
  • October 18-21 (German)

open for registration.

The maximum number of participants are 50 people. After registration, you will receive a confirmation email with the access data for our training platform.

In both weeks the vocational courses will be set in the following order:

Monday - V-belts

  1. V-belt application past & present
  2. Basics frictional & positive power transfer
  3. Coated V-belt profiles
  4. Raw-edged V-belt profiles
  5. Length description and measurement according to standards
  6. Optibelt products and applications of coated V-belts
  7. S=C Plus tolerances
  8. Optibelt products and applications of raw-edged V-belts
  9. M=S tolerance
  10. Ribbed-belts
  11. Special belts Optibelt OE

Tuesday - Timing-belts

  1. Characteristics of Timing-belts, advantages and disadvantages
  2. Differences between rubber & polyurethane Timing-belts
  3. Rubber Timing-belt profiles, differences (power transfer, indication, etc.)
  4. Rubber Timing-belt product range
  5. Expense comparison Timing-belt – OMEGA – OMEGA HP
  6. Linear belts
  7. Cross references
  8. Data sheet selector
  9. Gages
  10. Special structures
  11. Application example

Wednesday- Metal

1. Product overview pulleys - basics, characteristics

1. Standard-Drive-Pulleys and their individual types

2. V-Grooved Pulleys

  • Profiles
  • Materials & Surface Treatments

3. Ribbed Belt Pulleys

  • Profiles
  • Materials & Surface Treatments

4. Timing Belt Pulleys

  • Profiles
  • Flanges
  • Materials & Surface Treatments

5. Balanced Standard-Pulleys

6. Shaft-Hub Connections

  • Taper-Bushings
  • Finished Bores
  • Clamping-Elements

7. Other Standard-Metal Products

  • Taper-Hubs
  • Clamping Plates

8. Production options for special items

2. Product overview, basics, characteristics

  1. Claw coupling Hadeflex, Habix, Pex, HRC
  2. Tyre coupling Flex
  3. Pin coupling Orpex
  4. Compensation coupling Mini
  5. Gear coupling GC
  6. Box coupling steel, stainless steel, DIN 115
  7. Disc coupling DIN 116

 3. Shaft coupling in practise

  1. Application area
  2. Interpretation & determination of the coupling size

Thursday - Installation & Maintenance

1. Example: optimizable drive
2. Belt maturities theory & practice
3. Calculation programs CAP 6.0, CAP 7.0, CAP 6.5
4. Optibelt-tolerances M=S & S=C Plus
5. Failure causes
6. Optibelt groove & disc gages
7. Installation pulleys & belts

  • a) optibelt Laser Pointer II
  • b) Optibelt Optikrik 0-III, length summation method, Optibelt TT

8. Preload adjustment
9. Example: optimized drive

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Online product trainings for OMEGA High Power and OMEGA High Load

We would like to present you the advantages and features of the newly developed products in short online trainings of approx. 30 min. The trainings will take place via GoTo-Training. There will be several trainings in German as well as in English.

  • 23.09.2021  08:00 (English)

The maximum number of participants is 50 people per training. We will provide additional trainings in October if needed.

What to expect in the product training

optibelt OMEGA timing belts have been used since the end of the 1990s and are constantly being used further developed - so that they always meet the current requirements of the market!
Many variants and special designs have been added over the years: from extra oil- and temperature-resistant belts up to the High-performance timing belts optibelt OMEGA HP and optibelt OMEGA HL.
The latest development stage is the optibelt OMEGA High Power and optibelt OMEGA High Load.

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