Optibelt offers its business partners alternative for data transfer via an EDI connection. Using EDI, structured data exchange between business partners is carried out without manually entering data, which aims at achieving data exchange which is free from error.

The rapid transfer of data is primarily used for orders, order confirmations or invoices. In the process, our partners can choose between various EDI message types to ensure data exchange that suits their needs.

The objective of the EDI connection is to enable communication in order to control business processes beyond company boundaries. EDI should replace the numerous paper documents such as orders, purchase orders etc. that accrue during the business process.

The most important advantages of the EDI connection are:

  • Efficient control of business processes
  • Data transfer at a favourable cost
  • Reduction in errors through automatic data transfer
  • Elimination of data entry, processing and checking



Data transfer

In order to ensure this type of data transfer, standardised formats are used. With Optibelt EDI, you have the option of choosing between EDIFACT or VDA formats.
This allows orders, delivery schedules, order confirmations, invoices, credit items and other things to be replaced.

Please contact us if you are interested in an EDI connection and would like detailed information regarding this.