Features for improved performance

Superior Protection
Specialized cover reduces running noise and improves durability.

Compatible Tooth Pattern
fits all standard 8/14MGT, 8/14MDC pulleys.

Idler Capable
Smooth backside allows for the use of backside idlers with no added noise.

Carbon Cords
Carbon construction transmits more power than aramid or glass fiber.

High Resistance
Resistant to the effects of oil, chemicals, and ozone.

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Part #Length (mm)Weight (lb)Belt WidthTeeth #
640-8MDC-12 6400.0812mm80
640-8MDC-21 6400.1421mm80
640-8MDC-36 6400.2436mm80
640-8MDC-62 6400.4262mm80
720-8MDC-12 7200.0912mm90
720-8MDC-21 7200.1621mm90
720-8MDC-36 7200.2736mm90
720-8MDC-62 7200.4762mm90
800-8MDC-12 8000.1012mm100
800-8MDC-21 8000.1821mm100
800-8MDC-36 8000.3036mm100
800-8MDC-62 8000.5262mm100
896-8MDC-12 8960.1112mm112
896-8MDC-21 8960.2021mm112
896-8MDC-36 8960.3436mm112
896-8MDC-62 8960.5962mm112
960-8MDC-12 9600.1212mm120
960-8MDC-21 9600.2121mm120
960-8MDC-36 9600.3736mm120
960-8MDC-62 9600.6362mm120
1000-8MDC-12 10000.1312mm125
1000-8MDC-21 10000.2221mm125
1000-8MDC-36 10000.3836mm125
1000-8MDC-62 10000.6662mm125
1040-8MDC-12 10400.1312mm130
1040-8MDC-21 10400.2321mm130
1040-8MDC-36 10400.4036mm130
1040-8MDC-62 10400.6862mm130
1120-8MDC-12 11200.1412mm140
1120-8MDC-21 11200.2521mm140
1120-8MDC-36 11200.4336mm140
1120-8MDC-62 11200.7362mm140
1200-8MDC-12 12000.1512mm150
1200-8MDC-21 12000.2721mm150
1200-8MDC-36 12000.4636mm150
1200-8MDC-62 12000.7962mm150
1224-8MDC-12 12240.1612mm153
1224-8MDC-21 12240.2721mm153
1224-8MDC-36 12240.4736mm153
1224-8MDC-62 12240.8062mm153
1280-8MDC-12 12800.1612mm160
1280-8MDC-21 12800.2821mm160
1280-8MDC-36 12800.4936mm160
1280-8MDC-62 12800.8462mm160
1440-8MDC-12 14400.1812mm180
1440-8MDC-21 14400.3221mm180
1440-8MDC-36 14400.5536mm180
1440-8MDC-62 14400.9462mm180
1600-8MDC-12 16000.2012mm200
1600-8MDC-21 16000.3621mm200
1600-8MDC-36 16000.6136mm200
1600-8MDC-62 16001.0562mm200
1760-8MDC-12 17600.2212mm220
1760-8MDC-21 17600.3921mm220
1760-8MDC-36 17600.6736mm220
1760-8MDC-62 17601.1562mm220
1792-8MDC-12 17920.2312mm224
1792-8MDC-21 17920.4021mm224
1792-8MDC-36 17920.6836mm224
1792-8MDC-62 17921.1862mm224
4000-8MDC-12 40000.5012mm500
4000-8MDC-21 40000.8721mm500
4000-8MDC-36 40001.5036mm500
4000-8MDC-62 40002.6262mm500
4480-8MDC-12 44800.5612mm560
4480-8MDC-21 44800.9821mm560
4480-8MDC-36 44801.6836mm560
4480-8MDC-62 44802.9462mm560

Downloads for more information

DELTA Chain Brochure (4 page)
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Technical Manual: DELTA Chain
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DELTA Chain Success story - Conveyor (Agriculture)
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DELTA Chain Success Story - Motor Sports
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Product data sheets

Profile 8MDC
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Profile 14MDC
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