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Product information - optibelt ZRS HTD Pulleys for Taper Bushings
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Part #Bush SizeWeight (lb)PitchBelt WidthTeeth #
TB 28-14M-40 20124.4114mm4028
TB 29-14M-40 20125.2514mm4029
TB 30-14M-40 20125.8414mm4030
TB 32-14M-40 20127.5014mm4032
TB 34-14M-40 25178.5314mm4034
TB 36-14M-40 251710.5814mm4036
TB 38-14M-40 251711.9014mm4038
TB 40-14M-40 251713.2314mm4040
TB 44-14M-40 302017.2014mm4044
TB 48-14M-40 302020.7214mm4048
TB 56-14M-40 302023.8114mm4056
TB 64-14M-40 302029.5414mm4064
TB 72-14M-40 302033.5114mm4072
TB 80-14M-40 302035.2714mm4080
TB 90-14M-40 302039.2414mm4090
TB 112-14M-40 302056.4414mm40112
TB 144-14M-40 302072.7514mm40144
TB 168-14M-40 302097.0014mm40168
TB 192-14M-40 3020108.0314mm40192
TB 216-14M-40 3020121.2514mm40216
TB 28-14M-55 20124.8514mm5528
TB 29-14M-55 20126.0414mm5529
TB 30-14M-55 25175.9514mm5530
TB 32-14M-55 25178.0714mm5532
TB 34-14M-55 251710.0314mm5534
TB 36-14M-55 251711.4614mm5536
TB 38-14M-55 251713.6714mm5538
TB 40-14M-55 251715.4314mm5540
TB 44-14M-55 302018.9614mm5544
TB 48-14M-55 302022.9314mm5548
TB 56-14M-55 302027.3414mm5556
TB 64-14M-55 302031.9714mm5564
TB 72-14M-55 302035.7114mm5572
TB 80-14M-55 302038.5814mm5580
TB 90-14M-55 302044.0914mm5590
TB 112-14M-55 302062.6114mm55112
TB 144-14M-55 302079.8114mm55144
TB 168-14M-55 3020108.0314mm55168
TB 192-14M-55 302079.8114mm55192
TB 216-14M-55 3535151.6814mm55216
TB 28-14M-85 25175.9514mm8528
TB 29-14M-85 25177.5014mm8529
TB 30-14M-85 25178.2714mm8530
TB 32-14M-85 251710.5814mm8532
TB 34-14M-85 251713.2314mm8534
TB 36-14M-85 302012.7914mm8536
TB 38-14M-85 302014.9914mm8538
TB 40-14M-85 302017.6414mm8540
TB 44-14M-85 303026.0114mm8544
TB 48-14M-85 303033.2914mm8548
TB 56-14M-85 352549.6014mm8556
TB 64-14M-85 352557.3214mm8564
TB 72-14M-85 352556.2214mm8572
TB 80-14M-85 352564.3714mm8580
TB 90-14M-85 352567.9014mm8590
TB 112-14M-85 352587.0814mm85112
TB 144-14M-85 3525112.4314mm85144
TB 168-14M-85 3525134.4814mm85168
TB 192-14M-85 4040189.6014mm85192
TB 216-14M-85 4040201.7214mm85216
TB 28-14M-115 25178.3114mm11528
TB 29-14M-115 25178.8214mm11529
TB 30-14M-115 251711.0214mm11530
TB 32-14M-115 251714.9914mm11532
TB 34-14M-115 251714.9914mm11534
TB 36-14M-115 302015.4314mm11536
TB 38-14M-115 302018.5214mm11538
TB 40-14M-115 302020.2814mm11540
TB 44-14M-115 303030.8614mm11544
TB 48-14M-115 303037.9214mm11548
TB 56-14M-115 353554.6714mm11556
TB 64-14M-115 353563.9314mm11564
TB 72-14M-115 353563.9314mm11572
TB 80-14M-115 353572.7514mm11580
TB 90-14M-115 353580.4714mm11590
TB 112-14M-115 3535101.4114mm115112
TB 144-14M-115 4040149.9114mm115144
TB 168-14M-115 4040182.1014mm115168
TB 192-14M-115 4040211.6414mm115192
TB 216-14M-115 4040235.8914mm115216
TB 38-14M-170 303025.7914mm17038
TB 40-14M-170 303028.6614mm17040
TB 44-14M-170 353533.0714mm17044
TB 48-14M-170 353566.8914mm17048
TB 56-14M-170 353562.8314mm17056
TB 64-14M-170 404090.3914mm17064
TB 72-14M-170 4040103.4014mm17072
TB 80-14M-170 4040105.8214mm17080
TB 90-14M-170 4040115.7414mm17090
TB 112-14M-170 5050164.2414mm170112
TB 144-14M-170 5050200.6214mm170144
TB 168-14M-170 5050255.7314mm170168
TB 192-14M-170 5050267.4214mm170192
TB 216-14M-170 5050300.8214mm170216
Part #Bush SizeWeight (lb)PitchBelt WidthTeeth #
TB 34-5M-15 10080.425mm1534
TB 36-5M-15 11080.445mm1536
TB 38-5M-15 11080.555mm1538
TB 40-5M-15 11080.685mm1540
TB 44-5M-15 11080.885mm1544
TB 48-5M-15 12100.995mm1548
TB 56-5M-15 12101.485mm1556
TB 64-5M-15 12102.125mm1564
TB 72-5M-15 16102.625mm1572
TB 80-5M-15 16103.465mm1580
TB 90-5M-15 16102.535mm1590
TB 112-5M-15 16104.285mm15112
TB 136-5M-15 20126.755mm15136
TB 150-5M-15 20128.605mm15150
Part #Bush SizeWeight (lb)PitchBelt WidthTeeth #
TB 22-8M-20 10080.538mm2022
TB 24-8M-20 11080.668mm2024
TB 26-8M-20 11080.798mm2026
TB 28-8M-20 11080.978mm2028
TB 30-8M-20 11081.178mm2030
TB 32-8M-20 16100.938mm2032
TB 34-8M-20 16101.218mm2034
TB 36-8M-20 16101.508mm2036
TB 38-8M-20 16101.768mm2038
TB 40-8M-20 16102.208mm2040
TB 44-8M-20 20122.658mm2044
TB 48-8M-20 20123.538mm2048
TB 56-8M-20 20125.298mm2056
TB 64-8M-20 20125.958mm2064
TB 72-8M-20 20127.288mm2072
TB 80-8M-20 20127.728mm2080
TB 90-8M-20 20128.058mm2090
TB 22-8M-30 10080.648mm3022
TB 24-8M-30 11080.848mm3024
TB 26-8M-30 11080.998mm3026
TB 28-8M-30 12101.218mm3028
TB 30-8M-30 16150.998mm3030
TB 32-8M-30 16151.308mm3032
TB 34-8M-30 16151.708mm3034
TB 36-8M-30 16152.128mm3036
TB 38-8M-30 16152.548mm3038
TB 40-8M-30 16152.958mm3040
TB 44-8M-30 20122.938mm3044
TB 48-8M-30 20123.928mm3048
TB 56-8M-30 20128.298mm3056
TB 64-8M-30 25179.268mm3064
TB 72-8M-30 25179.488mm3072
TB 80-8M-30 251710.148mm3080
TB 90-8M-30 251711.028mm3090
TB 112-8M-30 251713.678mm30112
TB 144-8M-30 251720.288mm30144
TB 28-8M-50 12101.688mm5028
TB 30-8M-50 16151.438mm5030
TB 32-8M-50 16151.818mm5032
TB 34-8M-50 16152.348mm5034
TB 36-8M-50 16152.878mm5036
TB 38-8M-50 16153.538mm5038
TB 40-8M-50 20122.658mm5040
TB 44-8M-50 20123.778mm5044
TB 48-8M-50 20125.078mm5048
TB 56-8M-50 25177.508mm5056
TB 64-8M-50 251711.028mm5064
TB 72-8M-50 251714.778mm5072
TB 80-8M-50 302019.408mm5080
TB 90-8M-50 302019.408mm5090
TB 112-8M-50 302026.468mm50112
TB 144-8M-50 302033.518mm50144
TB 168-8M-50 352536.168mm50168
TB 192-8M-50 352548.068mm50192
TB 34-8M-85 16152.958mm8534
TB 36-8M-85 16154.128mm8536
TB 38-8M-85 16154.858mm8538
TB 40-8M-85 20123.928mm8540
TB 44-8M-85 20125.078mm8544
TB 48-8M-85 25175.868mm8548
TB 56-8M-85 25179.818mm8556
TB 64-8M-85 251714.778mm8564
TB 72-8M-85 302017.648mm8572
TB 80-8M-85 302022.058mm8580
TB 90-8M-85 302023.818mm8590
TB 112-8M-85 302033.078mm85112
TB 144-8M-85 352548.508mm85144
TB 168-8M-85 352550.718mm85168
TB 192-8M-85 352562.838mm85192
Part #Bush SizeWeight (lb)PitchBelt WidthTeeth #
TB 16-H-100 11080.881/2 in116
TB 18-H-100 12101.101/2 in118
TB 19-H-100 12101.321/2 in119
TB 20-H-100 12101.541/2 in120
TB 21-H-100 12101.761/2 in121
TB 22-H-100 12101.981/2 in122
TB 23-H-100 16101.981/2 in123
TB 24-H-100 16102.201/2 in124
TB 25-H-100 16102.201/2 in125
TB 26-H-100 16102.651/2 in126
TB 27-H-100 16102.871/2 in127
TB 28-H-100 16103.311/2 in128
TB 30-H-100 16103.751/2 in130
TB 32-H-100 16104.411/2 in132
TB 36-H-100 16105.951/2 in136
TB 40-H-100 16107.941/2 in140
TB 44-H-100 20128.381/2 in144
TB 48-H-100 20127.051/2 in148
TB 60-H-100 201210.581/2 in160
TB 72-H-100 201212.571/2 in172
TB 84-H-100 201214.991/2 in184
TB 96-H-100 251718.081/2 in196
TB 120-H-100 251726.681/2 in1120
TB 18-H-150 12101.321/2 in1.518
TB 19-H-150 12101.541/2 in1.519
TB 20-H-150 12101.761/2 in1.520
TB 21-H-150 12102.201/2 in1.521
TB 22-H-150 12102.651/2 in1.522
TB 23-H-150 16102.871/2 in1.523
TB 24-H-150 16102.651/2 in1.524
TB 25-H-150 16102.651/2 in1.525
TB 26-H-150 16103.091/2 in1.526
TB 27-H-150 16103.531/2 in1.527
TB 28-H-150 16103.971/2 in1.528
TB 30-H-150 16104.411/2 in1.530
TB 32-H-150 16105.071/2 in1.532
TB 36-H-150 16106.831/2 in1.536
TB 40-H-150 16108.821/2 in1.540
TB 44-H-150 20129.701/2 in1.544
TB 48-H-150 201210.581/2 in1.548
TB 60-H-150 201211.901/2 in1.560
TB 72-H-150 201214.331/2 in1.572
TB 84-H-150 201218.521/2 in1.584
TB 96-H-150 251724.251/2 in1.596
TB 120-H-150 251732.631/2 in1.5120
TB 18-H-200 12101.761/2 in218
TB 19-H-200 16101.981/2 in219
TB 20-H-200 16102.201/2 in220
TB 21-H-200 16103.751/2 in221
TB 22-H-200 16103.311/2 in222
TB 23-H-200 16103.971/2 in223
TB 24-H-200 16103.311/2 in224
TB 25-H-200 16103.311/2 in225
TB 26-H-200 16103.971/2 in226
TB 27-H-200 16104.191/2 in227
TB 28-H-200 16104.191/2 in228
TB 30-H-200 16105.071/2 in230
TB 32-H-200 20126.611/2 in232
TB 36-H-200 20126.611/2 in236
TB 40-H-200 20127.941/2 in240
TB 44-H-200 20129.921/2 in244
TB 48-H-200 251710.141/2 in248
TB 60-H-200 251715.431/2 in260
TB 72-H-200 251717.641/2 in272
TB 84-H-200 251719.841/2 in284
TB 96-H-200 251725.351/2 in296
TB 120-H-200 251733.951/2 in2120
TB 20-H-300 16153.311/2 in320
TB 21-H-300 16152.651/2 in321
TB 22-H-300 16153.531/2 in322
TB 23-H-300 16153.971/2 in323
TB 24-H-300 16154.631/2 in324
TB 25-H-300 16154.411/2 in325
TB 26-H-300 16155.951/2 in326
TB 27-H-300 20126.611/2 in327
TB 28-H-300 20125.291/2 in328
TB 30-H-300 20126.391/2 in330
TB 32-H-300 25177.281/2 in332
TB 36-H-300 25179.921/2 in336
TB 40-H-300 251713.231/2 in340
TB 44-H-300 251714.551/2 in344
TB 48-H-300 251716.751/2 in348
TB 60-H-300 251718.521/2 in360
TB 72-H-300 251722.931/2 in372
TB 84-H-300 251727.561/2 in384
TB 96-H-300 303031.311/2 in396
TB 120-H-300 303041.451/2 in3120
Part #Bush SizeWeight (lb)PitchBelt WidthTeeth #
TB 18-L-050 11080.443/8 in0.518
TB 19-L-050 11080.443/8 in0.519
TB 20-L-050 11080.443/8 in0.520
TB 21-L-050 11080.663/8 in0.521
TB 22-L-050 11080.663/8 in0.522
TB 23-L-050 11080.883/8 in0.523
TB 24-L-050 11080.883/8 in0.524
TB 25-L-050 11081.103/8 in0.525
TB 26-L-050 11081.103/8 in0.526
TB 27-L-050 11081.323/8 in0.527
TB 28-L-050 11081.323/8 in0.528
TB 30-L-050 11081.763/8 in0.530
TB 32-L-050 11081.983/8 in0.532
TB 36-L-050 11082.653/8 in0.536
TB 40-L-050 16106.613/8 in0.540
TB 48-L-050 16105.073/8 in0.548
TB 60-L-050 16104.413/8 in0.560
TB 72-L-050 16106.613/8 in0.572
TB 84-L-050 16108.823/8 in0.584
TB 96-L-050 201212.133/8 in0.596
TB 120-L-050 201214.993/8 in0.5120
TB 18-L-075 11080.443/8 in0.7518
TB 19-L-075 11080.663/8 in0.7519
TB 20-L-075 11080.663/8 in0.7520
TB 21-L-075 11080.883/8 in0.7521
TB 22-L-075 11080.883/8 in0.7522
TB 23-L-075 11080.883/8 in0.7523
TB 24-L-075 11081.103/8 in0.7524
TB 25-L-075 11081.323/8 in0.7525
TB 26-L-075 11081.323/8 in0.7526
TB 27-L-075 11081.543/8 in0.7527
TB 28-L-075 11081.543/8 in0.7528
TB 30-L-075 11081.983/8 in0.7530
TB 32-L-075 11082.203/8 in0.7532
TB 36-L-075 16102.653/8 in0.7536
TB 40-L-075 16103.753/8 in0.7540
TB 48-L-075 16105.513/8 in0.7548
TB 60-L-075 16106.613/8 in0.7560
TB 72-L-075 16108.823/8 in0.7572
TB 84-L-075 201211.463/8 in0.7584
TB 96-L-075 201214.333/8 in0.7596
TB 120-L-075 201216.753/8 in0.75120
TB 18-L-100 11080.443/8 in118
TB 19-L-100 11080.663/8 in119
TB 20-L-100 11080.883/8 in120
TB 21-L-100 11080.883/8 in121
TB 22-L-100 11080.883/8 in122
TB 23-L-100 11081.103/8 in123
TB 24-L-100 11081.323/8 in124
TB 25-L-100 11081.323/8 in125
TB 26-L-100 11081.543/8 in126
TB 27-L-100 11081.763/8 in127
TB 28-L-100 11081.763/8 in128
TB 30-L-100 12101.983/8 in130
TB 32-L-100 12102.203/8 in132
TB 36-L-100 16103.093/8 in136
TB 40-L-100 16103.753/8 in140
TB 48-L-100 16105.953/8 in148
TB 60-L-100 16105.293/8 in160
TB 72-L-100 20129.703/8 in172
TB 84-L-100 201213.233/8 in184
TB 96-L-100 201215.653/8 in196
TB 120-L-100 201218.743/8 in1120

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