Applications in the pulp and paper industry

Lumber Processing

Debarkers, Chippers, Shredders,, Grinders, Conveyors

Lumber Processing

This process takes raw lumber, strips the bark, and reduces it into chips suitable for further refinement into pulp. These machines require heavy-duty power transmission v-belts and banded belts that can absorb shock loads, and can slip in the sheaves to serve as a clutching mechanism to protect the drives.

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Digesters, Agitators, Pulpers, Screeners, Mixers, Sifters, Raggers, Washers

Reduced wood chips that have been scree­ned are moved into this process where the chips pro­cessed through a series of che­mical and mechanical reduction processes. This breaks down the wood into soft fibrous material suitable for a wide range of paper industrial applications. These ma­chines also require power transmission products engineered to protect motors and drives.



Water and Treatment


Pumps, Filters, Evaporators, Condensers, Exhaust Fans

The water and chemicals used in processing wood fibers require many pump drives that can move millions of gallons of liquids every day. These pumps use industrial v-belts and ribbed belts. 

Debarker Mill
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Planer Feed Table
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Debarker Mill
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Chipping Saw
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Vacuum Pump
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