Applications in the oil and gas industry



Excavators, Loaders, Conveyors


Blasting and drilling is no easy task, but getting thousands of tons of rock out of the site and to production takes massive amounts of power and equipment. No matter what your operations or equipment needs are, Optibelt's full line of power transmission products will keep them running.  

Site Support Equipment

Diesel Engines, Compressors, Ventilation Fans, Pumps, Generators


Support equipment keeps your site’s operations running. Without one of these key components your operations can shut-down quickly.


Conveyors/Conveyance, Shakers, Screeners, Mixers, Sifters


These machines reduce stone and rock into the sizes needed for industrial needs such as cement manufacturing, gravel, decorative stone, asphalt, and more. Because of the massive power, high speed, and movement of these machines, banded power trans­mission drives are often used. Optibelt's complete range of banded v-belts are en­gineered with the strength to handle these applications and have the durability to last much longer than conventional banded v-belts.  

Mining Shovel
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Roller Press Splitter
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Cone Crusher
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Products in use

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