Applications in the oil and gas industry


Packaging, Produc­tion, Manufacturing, FDA Compliant


A conveyor accepts packages from multiple incline, decline, horizontal, and/or vertical conveyors and transfers to the sorting process. Optibelt’s state of the art manufacturing facilities can produce custom belts to meet your engineered specifications and also have hundreds of standard options available. Belts can be endless welded/endless.

Linear Drives

Positioning, Lifts, Automated Doors, Packaging Handling, Printing


Linear drives create motion in a straight line mostly used in machine tools and or industrial machinery. Optibelt has a broad product range where one can have their belts custom made, joined endless, broad selection of belt widths. Optibelt also have a selection of tension cords available to meet engineered specifications. Belts can be made open ended.

Specialty Applications

Cleat & Joining Hardware, Mechanical Custom Finishes. Specialized Coats and Backing, Stainless Steel & Aramid Cords

Optibelt Erfolgsstory Lebensmittel OPTIMA

Optibelt can manufacture custom polyurethane timing belts to meet your exact specifications. These processes can change the belts chemical resis­tance, grip, elasticity, electrical re­sistance, temperature resistance, and more. Because of the specialized nature of these belts, please contact an Optibelt representative for more information.

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With CAP offline/online from Optibelt, you can easily calculate your drive design.
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