Ride the Revolution - with Optibelt

Savic Motorcycles is the first in Australia to design and build high performance electric motorbikes.

Hoexter 03/03/2021. With attention to detail, a unique design and a special focus on quality, the Savic C-Series produces three models with the same drive assembly but different battery capacities: ALPHA, DELTA and OMEGA.

Exceptional motorbikes require an exceptional drive which is where optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon timing belt excels. optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon timing belt has been developed to transmit high levels of power and replace roller chain drives. Both of these qualities are essential when designing a drive system for a high performance motorbike. Compared with a roller chain drive, optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon timing belts are cleaner, lighter, smoother, quieter, no adjustment is require resulting in less maintenance.

The polyurethane construction, combined with the carbon fiber cords of the optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon offers a product that is resistant to contamination by water. This means the optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon does not mind an enthusiastic ride in the rain.

At the same time, the wear-resistant red bonded fabric increases the shear strength of the teeth meaning that constant and fast acceleration is possible – making optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon the perfect partner in style and performance for the Savic motorbikes!

The optibelt DELTA CHAIN Carbon requires no lubrication and is maintenance-free, which offers a clear advantage over a conventional roller chain drive on a motorbike!