Optibelt WebCAP

Simple, Mobile, Quick Access - New Online V-Belt Drive Calculation Tool


Carol Stream, 22. October 2019. Optibelt’s CAP Drive Calculation Software has been available to download for free for over 15 years. It is a well-known tool that allows users the ability to design drives for optimum efficiency or to easily calculate proper belt tensions. 

Now a simplified version of this tool is available to use online without the need to register, or to install the program on your computer. As a web application, you will have Optibelt tools available to you both at your office computer, and on your mobile device in the field. 

Get directly to the Optibelt’s WebCAP 

WebCAP will allow users to

Design a new 2-pulley V-belt drive by entering the basic information such as the drive’s power, desired RPMs, center distances and the desired service factor. You can sort the output by weight, number of belts, service factor, and many other variables to find the drive that fits your need.

For existing 2-pulley V-belt drives, users can get the correct belt tension values to properly install and run for peak performance & efficiency.

Optibelt’s WebCAP is an easy way to get the engineer-level power transmission drive calculation tools anywhere you have internet access. Its ease of use allows any belt or sheave installer to get the most out of their Optibelt product in the field. 

If you have any questions, contact our engineering department at engineering[at]optibelt-usacom or by calling 800-282-6081 and request engineering assistance.


Optibelt WebCAP