Optibelt is given the “Patriot Award” for Employer Support

On July 6th Karl Asendorf, Optibelt’s President of the Americas, was given the “Patriot Award” for supporting our employee Dave Mais in his service to the United States Military.

Dave Mais submitted his request by saying “Karl Asendorf for many years been very supportive of my reserve obligations. My employer Optibelt continues to support all my needs, travel requirements and time requirements as I serve my country.”

Because travel requirement restrictions, Optibelt will formally be recognized in an online ceremony. Karl Asendorf states “It is my honor for Dave to serve the United States Military and to support Dave’s efforts now and in the future. I am very humbled by Dave Mais’s service and for his recommendation that I receive this award on behalf of Optibelt”

Optibelt is proud to support our employees as they serve & protect their country, further their skills, and advance themselves personally and professionally.