The owner families of the Arntz Optibelt Group think in generations, not in quarterly or annual cycles. Innovation yes, but no experiments at the expense of value.

With this philosophy, Optibelt has secured its place on the world market as a strong brand. Owners and employees are committed to ensuring that this remains the case every day: with heart, hand and brain.



Optibelt product innovations!


In the development of our products, market- and user-oriented results as well as the use of high-performance materials are particularly important, because innovative products and materials enable more compact and lighter drives.

In our innovative test field at the Höxter site, quality tests accompanying series production, tests of new developments and customer-specific tests are carried out. On 90 test benches, the dynamic properties of the belts, and thus the maturity of the product development, are determined.




The future belongs to future generations. For this reason, it is important to shape the future responsibly. A conscious use of resources and the protection of the environment and the climate are part of sustainable management and, last but not least, the cornerstone of intergenerational justice.

Optibelt is committed to this sustainable and future-oriented economy and is committed to keeping the burden on people, the environment and the climate to a minimum during the manufacture, transport and distribution of its products.