Advantages that speak for Optibelt

High precision


Temperature range -30°C to +100°C

For HTD and RPP pulleys

For high loads at various speed

Improved low-noise characteristics through OMEGA tooth form

Profiles 8MHP and 14MHP - Electrically conductive

Abrasion resistant fabric with low friction and shear resistant teeth

Up to two times the power transmission capability of standard OMEGA

Fiberglass cord


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success stories

Optibelt success story Bangladesh

Reduced wear, reduced costs

Padma Group, Bangladesh

The Padma Group, based in Bangladesh, is one of the world’s largest textile producers and exporters. The company had been experiencing considerable difficulties with a new production machine. The belts used in the machine often needed replacing after just two weeks. The result was high maintenance costs and stoppages in production. After the machine had been fitted with   optibelt OMEGA HP and optibelt OMEGA HL belts, however, maintenance costs and downtimes were reduced to a minimum.

IN USE: optibelt OMEGA HP

IN USE: optibelt OMEGA HL

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