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THE optibelt MARATHON 2 M=S

Lorries and trucks are long-distance runners. To prevent them from running out of steam half-way, precision work is required when changing the drive belts. And here lies the problem: The lengths of most belts differ significantly, even if they comply with the DIN standard. So when it comes to replacing multi-groove drives, the belts should therefore preferably come from the same batch.

Or the tension pulleys must be adjusted precisely to ensure that everything fits. The better solution is: the precision ground optibelt TRUCK POWER MARATHON 2 M = S. This raw edge, moulded cog V-belt is perfectly geared to demanding, multi-grooved drives due to its reliability, durability and efficiency. Due to their identical length, the belts are always the right length for sets, without the need to measure them, and are designed for extremely high loads. For maximum power over the full distance.


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