[Translate to Indonesian:] Applications in the textile industry

Optibelt Anwendung Textil

[Translate to Indonesian:] Knitting machines

Smooth operation thanks to Optibelt

Optibelt Anwendung Strickmaschine

[Translate to Indonesian:] These allow knitted products to be industrially mass-produced.

[Translate to Indonesian:] Circular knitting machines


Optibelt Anwendung Rundstrickmaschine

[Translate to Indonesian:] These machines manufacture so-called tubular fabrics, which are used to create T-shirts and pullovers.

[Translate to Indonesian:] Dyeing machines

Use in extreme temperature conditions

Optibelt Anwendung Faerbemaschine

[Translate to Indonesian:] These machines give synthetic or natural fibres the desired hue. A highly sensitive process with special requirements.

[Translate to Indonesian:] Products in use

[Translate to Indonesian:] With CAP offline from Optibelt, you can easily calculate your drive design.
[Translate to Indonesian:] Click here for our product range of the textile industry in the e-shop.
[Translate to Indonesian:] Brochure textile industry
[Translate to Indonesian:] Everything at a glance - the Brochure for the textile industry.

[Translate to Indonesian:] Success stories

Optibelt Erfolgsstory Bangladesch

[Translate to Indonesian:] Reduced wear, reduced costs

Padma Group, Bangladesh


Optibelt Erfolgsstory Indien

[Translate to Indonesian:] Always the first choice in India

Vardhman, Nahar, Samgam or KPR Mill, India

[Translate to Indonesian:] Optibelt has been focusing on sustainable improvements in drive systems for many years. This is why many renowned textile manufacturers in India, such as Vardhman, Nahar, Samgam and KPR Mill, place their trust in optibelt VARIO POWER variable speed belts made by OPTIBELT, in order to significantly increase the efficiency of their machines. The large Indian corporation RWSM Bhilwara, for example, has commissioned Optibelt to supply all of its subsidiaries. All of these companies reap tangible benefits from the high product quality and the comprehensive services that Optibelt has to offer.


[Translate to Indonesian:] Learn more about us

[Translate to Indonesian:] Optibelt GmbH

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