[Translate to Thai:] Applications in the packaging industry

Optibelt Anwendung Lebensmittel Schlauchbeutel

[Translate to Thai:] Tubular bags

[Translate to Thai:] Optibelt application packaging tubular bags

[Translate to Thai:] The process necessitates speed and precision.

[Translate to Thai:] Industrial robots

[Translate to Thai:] Optibelt application packaging industrial robot

[Translate to Thai:] Tailored automation for better productivity.

[Translate to Thai:] Pallet wrapping machine

[Translate to Thai:] Optibelt application packaging pallet wrapping machine

[Translate to Thai:] Simple and cost-effective securing of goods with stretch film.

[Translate to Thai:] Products in use

[Translate to Thai:] Success stories

Optibelt Erfolgsstory Lebensmittel OPTIMA

[Translate to Thai:] Perfect precision


[Translate to Thai:] Optibelt success story packaging

[Translate to Thai:] Made in Germany

[Translate to Thai:] In its search for high-quality products, a German manufacturer of palletiser machines chose Optibelt as its original equipment manufacturer, for “Made in Germany” quality. The company was impressed not only by the high quality of the products from the optibelt ALPHA V and optibelt ALPHA FLEX but also by Optibelt’s customer-specific advice and ability to find ideal solutions.

IN USE: optibelt ALPHA V IN USE: optibelt ALPHA FLEX

[Translate to Thai:] With CAP offline from Optibelt, you can easily calculate your drive design.
[Translate to Thai:] Click here for our product range of the packaging industry in the e-shop.
[Translate to Thai:] Brochure Packaging
[Translate to Thai:] Everything at a glance - the Brochure for the packaging industry.

[Translate to Thai:] Learn more about us

[Translate to Thai:] Optibelt GmbH

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[Translate to Thai:] Optibelt GmbH

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