[Translate to Thai:] Applications in the cement industry

[Translate to Thai:] Applications in the cement industry

[Translate to Thai:] Clinker crusher

Smooth operation thanks to Optibelt


[Translate to Thai:] A hammer clinker crusher breaks down large clinker pieces before they are ground into cement in an enormous ball mill – with the aid of optibelt SK S=C Plus installed with a tight length tolerance without the need for measuring.

In the last step, the cement is packed and stacked on pallets. Here, the optibelt SK S=C Plus guarantees that the procedure runs flawlessly.

Find out more about optibelt SK S=C Plus high-performance wedge belts here.

[Translate to Thai:] Tumbling mill

Driven by V-belts with aramid-fibre tension cord

[Translate to Thai:] application tumbling mill

[Translate to Thai:] Enormous tumbling mills are used for crushing raw materials. The drives move a holding capacity ranging from 40,000 to 160,000 litres.

In order to optimally comply with requirements, increase reliability and minimise the level of stretching, Optibelt V-belts with aramid-fibre tension cord are recommended.

optibelt BLUE POWER

[Translate to Thai:] Raw mill

Use in extreme temperature fluctuations

Anwendung Zement Rohmehlmuehle

[Translate to Thai:] After the materials are ground into raw meal and dried, these are burned to clinker in a rotary kiln at 1450°C.

A cooling process lowering the temperature to under 200°C takes place on the grate cooler in which the optibelt SUPER X POWER M=S is used in part due to its excellent resistance to heat.

Find out all about optibelt SUPER X POWER M=S V-belts here.

[Translate to Thai:] Products in use

[Translate to Thai:] References in the cement industry

[Translate to Thai:] With CAP offline from Optibelt, you can easily calculate your drive design.
[Translate to Thai:] Click here for our product range of the cement industry in the e-shop.
[Translate to Thai:] Everything at a glance - the Brochure for the cement industry.

[Translate to Thai:] Success stories

Erfolgsstory Zement Yamama Cement

[Translate to Thai:] Mobile crusher

Yamama Cement, Saudi Arabia


Erfolgsstory Zement Cementa AB

[Translate to Thai:] Cementa AB

On the island of Gotland

[Translate to Thai:] 90 kilometres east of the Swedish coast is where the cement manufacturer, Cementa AB, is located. Each year, over two million tonnes of cement are produced there. One of the largest and most modern stone crushers in the world is driven by wrapped V-belts from Optibelt.

The crushing system uses 68 Optibelt S=C Plus 8V sections in lengths of 5230 to 13,280 mm. They ensure that Cementa can crush 2,000 tons of stones per hour.

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[Translate to Thai:] Cement industry

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