[Translate to Thai:] Applications in the logistics & distribution industry

[Translate to Thai:] Curved conveyors

Perfectly conveyed.

Optibelt Anwendung Skizze Conveyor

[Translate to Thai:] In order to divert the material to be conveyed, various curved systems with different drive elements are used, whereby flexible ribbed belts are employed in most cases.

[Translate to Thai:] Transfer elements

Optibelt Anwendung Transferelemente

[Translate to Thai:] With the aid of transfer elements, packages are transferred from the flow direction to the next roller conveyor and also integrated in the existing flow.

[Translate to Thai:] Lifting devices

Optibelt Anwendung Hebeeinrichtungen

[Translate to Thai:] With the aid of lifting devices which operate with the aid of timing belts or flat belts, height differences are overcome.

[Translate to Thai:] Products in use

[Translate to Thai:] With CAP offline from Optibelt, you can easily calculate your drive design.
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[Translate to Thai:] Brochure logistics & distribution
[Translate to Thai:] Everything at a glance - the Brochure for the logistics & distribution industry.

[Translate to Thai:] Success stories

Optibelt Erfolgsstory Transport Logistik Logtron

[Translate to Thai:] Powerful connection
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[Translate to Thai:] Optimal performance

[Translate to Thai:] An internationally established manufacturer of complete intralogistics systems had been plagued by ongoing problems with the belts used in its roller track conveyors.
The high start-stop frequency of the plant caused the existing belts to fail after an average of 300,000 cycles, due to wear and loss of tension.
Success was achieved here by equipping the system with high performance, elastic optibelt CONVEYOR POWER ribbed belts. The roller track conveyor in question has now been in operation for more than 600,000 cycles without showing any irregularities. 


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