[Translate to Indonesian:] Applications in the food & beverage industry

Optibelt Anwendung Lebensmittel Schlauchbeutel

[Translate to Indonesian:] Cutting & packaging machines

(cheese & salami)

Optibelt Anwendung Lebensmittel Schneidanlage

[Translate to Indonesian:] High quality standards with regard to cleanliness and efficiency. 

[Translate to Indonesian:]
Beverage vending machines

Optibelt Anwendung Lebensmittel Getraenkeautomat

[Translate to Indonesian:] Sophisticated technology with minimum space requirement.

[Translate to Indonesian:] Transport of foodstuffs

(with round section belts)

Optibelt Anwendung Lebensmittel Transport

[Translate to Indonesian:] Everything must work reliably, without stoppages and
with perfect timing.

[Translate to Indonesian:] Products in use

[Translate to Indonesian:] With CAP offline from Optibelt, you can easily calculate your drive design.
[Translate to Indonesian:] Click here for our product range of the food & beverage industry in the e-shop.
[Translate to Indonesian:] Brochure Optibelt Food and Beverage
[Translate to Indonesian:] Everything at a glance - the Brochure for the food & beverage industry.

[Translate to Indonesian:] Success stories

Optibelt Erfolgsstory Lebensmittel Miho

[Translate to Indonesian:] A tidy solution
thanks to optibelt


Optibelt Erfolgsstory Lebensmittel OPTIMA

[Translate to Indonesian:] Perfect precision

[Translate to Indonesian:] Optima GmbH, based in Schwäbisch Hall in Germany, is the first European manufacturer to offer packaging machines for paper and hygiene products on the Far Eastern Market.
To ensure that the packaging film is fed through these machines with great precision, the company uses vacuum timing belts made by Optibelt. The significant feature here is the impressed top-surface structure, which was specially developed for this application with the help of Optibelt. The depth of this structure produces a circular suction effect on the belt top surface, allowing the film to be transported quickly and efficiently.

[Translate to Indonesian:] Learn more about us

[Translate to Indonesian:] Optibelt GmbH

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[Translate to Indonesian:] Optibelt GmbH

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