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Arntz Optibelt records a turnover of around 255 million euros in 2020

• Company vaccination

• Apprenticeship start 2021

Höxter, 13 September 2021. At some 255 million euros, turnover at the Arntz Optibelt Group in 2020 lay about -8.0 percent below the 2019 figure.

Despite the pandemic, the current year has developed well for the company Group. Turnover up to the end of August 2021 is approx. 20% higher than the comparable period of the previous year. At the same time, it exceeds the turnover recorded in the pre-Covid year of 2019. Reflected in this figure is the fact that Optibelt benefits from its broad positioning in the relevant markets and regions. This upturn is also accompanied by a plethora of major challenges, which manifest themselves as material bottlenecks at suppliers and delays in the logistics chain. There have also been massive hikes in prices since the beginning of the year. “We remain in close contact with our suppliers and service providers at all times and try to maintain the value chains, which we have succeeded in doing so far,” says CEO Reinhold Mühlbeyer. “However, it is impossible to forecast what is likely to happen in the global economy in the coming months. This calls for a high degree of flexibility, coupled with great commitment from all those involved in every sector of our company,” comments Konrad Ummen, second managing director.

At the same time, the Arntz Optibelt Group is working on a variety of projects that aim to further expand its good position in the market. These include projects in the field of digitalisation and sustainability, but also ones that address the development of new products. “We have a large number of new drive solutions in the pipeline that will benefit customers and generate additional sales and market shares in the short and medium term,” says Reinhold Mühlbeyer. Overall, the company is confident that it will be able to close 2021 with a new sales record.

Company vaccination

On 9 June 2021, Optibelt, together with the city of Höxter and other local companies, took the former special school in Lütmarsen into operation as a company vaccination centre. Up to 14 August 2021 a total of 600 vaccine doses were administered to employees, their relatives and citizens, with more than 450 vaccinations being administered via the company vaccination centre with BioNTech/Pfizer exclusively.

Apprenticeship start 2021

With a total of 21 new apprentices and students, as well as two one-year interns, the 2021 apprenticeship year got underway at the German sites in Höxter, Rinteln and Werl. This means that, this year, more young people have entered a new stage in their lives than the year before. With prospective industrial management assistants, process mechanics, warehouse specialists, mechatronics technicians, IT specialists, media designers, as well as work-study programme students in the fields of business information technology, industrial engineering and production engineering, Optibelt is broadly positioned for the future. 

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Optibelt Geschäftsführung: v.l.: Reinhold Mühlbeyer, Konrad Ummen
The managing directors of the Arntz Optibelt Group, from left Reinhold Mühlbeyer and Konrad Ummen.