We therefore expect from our suppliers, in addition to an
attractive cost structure, above all a high degree of

  • quality,
  • delivery reliability,
  • flexibility,
  • commitment to service,
  • innovative capability,


In 1999, a central purchasing organisation was established at the headquarters in Höxter. At an organisational level, this has been assigned to Arntz Beteiligungs GmbH & Co KG. It takes care of ordering and purchasing for our German sites and is furthermore responsible for negotiating global contracts.

The central purchasing department is supported by regional purchasing offices at the locations of our worldwide production sites. These offices make purchases independently. However, they also fall back on our global contracts.


We differentiate between five purchasing areas:

  • Raw materials/production materials
  • Investment goods + spare parts
  • Technical services
  • Auxiliary/operating materials
  • Commodities


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Central purchasing department

Niklas Petersen
Head of central purchasing department
Tel.: +49 5271 62-401
Email: n.petersen(at)

Hans-Werner Börner
Raw materials/production materials
Tel.: +49 5271 62-225
Email: h.boerner(at)

Benedikt Stöver
cord + fabric
Tel.: +49 5271 62-438
Email: b.stoever(at)

Holger Gröne
Technical projects
Tel.: +49 5271 62-487
Email: h.groene(at)

Tobias Disse
Tel.: +49 5271 62-646
Email: t.disse[at]optibeltcom

Mark Schädler
Indirect material & servicess
Tel.: +49 5271 62-315
Email: m.schaedler(at)

Regional purchasing offices

Optibelt Power Transmission SRL (Romania)
Marcela Dancos
Tel.: +40 362401 976
Email: m.dancos(at)

Transac (France)
Emmanuelle Munsch
Tel.: +33 389 627-520
Email: e.munsch(at)

Optibelt Power Transmission Taic. (China)
Cole He
Tel.: +86 5125 358 7288 (ext. 8878)

Optibelt Urethane Belting Ltd. (Ireland)
Patrick Sweeny
Tel.: +353 7491 25066
Email: p.sweeney(at)

Optibelt Material Handling GmbH (Rinteln)
Florian Wiemers-Meyer
Tel.: +49 5751 96779-27
Email: f.wiemers-meyer(at)

Procurement programme

Raw materials/production materials

  • Polymers (BR, SBR, CR, EPDM) 
  • SBR and CR based rubber compounds 
  • Carbon black (N330, N550, N772) 
  • Antioxidants 
  • Accelerators 
  • Fillers
  • Cord
  • Fabric

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Investment goods + spare parts

  • Special machines for technical
    rubber articles
  • Tools and moulds for technical rubber articles

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Technical services

  • Tradesman services 
  • Electrical installation 
  • Building, civil engineering and sewer construction
  • Paintwork
  • Roofing work
  • Joinery work


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Auxiliary materials, raw materials

  • Transfer labels for marking technical rubber articles
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Pallets
  • Energy supply

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  • V-pulleys
  • Timing belt pulleys
  • Taper bushes
  • Ribbed belt pulleys
  • Variable speed pulleys
  • Special pulleys
  • Tension and guide idler pulleys
  • Water pumps
  • Belts
  • Measuring gauges
  • Laser pointers
  • Other service items

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Supplier Application


We are always interested in getting to know new suppliers.

To give us an initial impression of your company, please fill in the online questionnaire.

This will then enable us to submit specific requests for quotation to your company! Naturally, your data will be treated as confidential.


Would you like to work with us?

Then take a look at our procurement programme and submit your application by filling in the supplier questionnaire.

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