The Optibelt eShop offers you a quick and convenient option to check product availability and place orders through the internet. Register on our homepage and obtain access to Optibelt’s eShop.

After activation by Optibelt, you can select the products you wish to buy from areas including industry, metal, automotive or technical service and place an order at the touch of a button. If you are searching for a specific item number or section, comprehensive search functions are at your disposal.

You can use the shopping cart and the product detail page to carry out a price and availability query. You can therefore check Optibelt’s current stocks and use the traffic light icon to see which products can be delivered immediately, whether partial delivery is possible and which products are not in stock.

You can also create various wishlists . In this way, you can make a wishlist of products which are often ordered from the eShop and place orders from it. This saves you from having to repeatedly compile a wishlist of products. As a result, you can easily fill your shopping basket from the wishlist. Using the small numbers next to the shopping basket and the wishlist, you always have an overview of how many products have been placed in these two areas.

Optibelt has recently begun offering you the opportunity to check the Order statusof your orders online. You will find this feature in the “Order status” menu item in the log-in area under “My access” options. There, it is not only possible to enquire about existing orders, but also to look at deliveries which have already been sent. Searches can be made according to dates or order numbers.

For existing orders, you can find out the deliverystatus and start tracking a package . For orders which have already been delivered, you can track when the products were delivered and which items have already been paid for. The order status query is not only capable of tracking orders which have been placed through the Optibelt eShop, but also takes into account all orders that have been placed and assigned to your customer number.

All in all, with the Optibelt eShop, you have the opportunity to place orders easily and conveniently and to track them using the order status query system. Hence, you are always in control of the products you wish to purchase, from placing the order right up to delivery.