Two-pulley calculation programme



The optibelt CAP drive calculation programme has been used for years worldwide for calculating and designing belt drives. The updated version CAP 6.0, with a new look, allows for quick and clear drive design and calculation.

Different options for calculation are available to the user:

  • CAP Standard: simple performance calculations for drives with V-belts, timing belts or ribbed belts
  • CAP Professional: detailed performance calculations in all variations with many details
  • Economic feasibility calculation: Option to compare existing drives to optimised drives 

The new CAP6.5 calculation software for multi-pulley drives for timing belts is available now, see below.

Product downloads

CAP 6.0 for Windows 2000/XP/7/8/10
33 MB

For multi-pulley drives for timing belts



With this software, the user can design simple 2-pulley drives or calculate the correct timing belt for complicated multi-pulley drives. Whether standard, high performance, double section or ALPHA FLEX timing belts, nearly all common profiles can be calculated.

Those who already own the CAP6.0 software can use the same serial number for activation. Those who do not yet own CAP software can register on the Optibelt website.

Product downloads

CAP 6.5 for Windows 2000/XP/7/8/10
21 MB

User registration

FOR CAP 6.0 AND 6.5

After successful registration, you can download optibelt CAP 6.0 and optibelt CAP 6.5 as full, licenced single-user versions.

User registration

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