Excellent operating reliability

Suitable for back bend idlers

Optimum operating features

For extremely small pulley diameters

With aramid cord


Suitable for clutches

Double-sided V-belts

optibelt Green Garden Doppelkeilriemen


Double-sided V-belts are often used in the garden technology. Here we offer universal dimensions, which are optimally adapted to the requirements of garden technology.

These belts are used when several disks are in one plane and the direction of rotation of one or more driven pulleys is to be changed. The typical serpentine arrangements of the Optibelt GREEN GARDEN double-sided V-belt are best suited.

Sections and lengths - universal dimensions
AA / HAA 1856 – 4699 mm
Further dimensions on request
V-GROOVED PULLEYS All standard pulleys, special pulleys on request

Advantages that speak for Optibelt

Excellent operating reliability


Optimum operating features

Excellent pliancy

High flexibility


Technical manual: V-belts
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