The portfolio of technical elastomer sheet products comprises a variety of grades in the 0.25 to 2.00 mm thickness range. The materials are also available with different surface finishes and textures and are optionally available with fabric on one side, two sides, or in the centre. They can also be supplied in strips or rolls, including with a special surface finish. 

Technical elastomer sheeting from Optibelt is used in applications such as the automotive industry, household appliances, the electrical industry, general machine engineering, and workplace and personal protection.

Explanation of the finishes

Finish "A"
This is a high-quality Auma product with a glassy surface on one side and a matt surface on the other, vulcanised in a rotational Elastomit process.

Finish "K"
This finish has a smooth surface on both sides. The vulcanisation process is carried out in autoclaves (tanks). Through this special vulcanisation process, we are able to obtain a “low-shrink” grade (in both lengthwise and traverse directions) during the die-cutting process. The values measured on the manufactured product – the ultimate tensile strength and tear strength as well as the ultimate elongation – are reduced by approximately one third, compared to the “A” finish, depending on the process.

Selection guide for technical elastomer sheeting
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