Applications in the oil & gas industry

Optibelt Oil and gas fan power

Oil production with PCP pumps

Smooth operation thanks to Optibelt

Optibelt application PCP pumps

Apart from typical drilling tools, PCP pumps (“Progressing Cavity Pumps”) that place great strain on V-belts due to their small pulley diameter and high performance are also used for oil production.

Sucker-rod pumps & pump jacks

Driven by V-belts from Optibelt

Optibelt application rod pumps

The oil field located to the west of the United States impressively demonstrates the fascination of technology. Each of the pumps conveys up to 250 barrels of oil a day. The reliable long-term performance of the pumps places high requirements on the quality of the drive belts.

Belt usage on drilling rigs

Use in extreme temperature conditions

Optibelt application rig

The largest production platform ever built is the Norwegian Sea Troll belonging to the oil company Statoil with a million tonnes of water displacement. It measures 472 meters in height from the plinth to the top of the torch mast and is situated on the seabed 303 metres deep.

Products in use

Optibelt CAP
With CAP offline from Optibelt, you can easily calculate your drive design.
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Success stories

Optibelt success story LMF

“LMF” relies on
optibelt RED POWER 3 S=C Plus

LMF, Austria

The Leobersdorfer Maschinenfabrik (LMF) from Austria is one of the leading manufacturers of high-pressure reciprocating compressor systems for air, natural gas and technical /industrial gases worldwide. These systems are used for the extraction of oil and the compression of natural gas. In these applications there is a high level of stresses due to the high performance demands and extreme weather conditions. This is why LMF uses maintenance-free optibelt RED POWER 3 S=C Plus high-performance wedge belts. They offer the power, durability and worry-free reliability LMF operations require.

IN USE: optibelt RED POWER 3 S=C Plus

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