Applications in the fan & compressor sector

Optibelt application fans compressors

Heat exchangers

Unbroken use thanks to Optibelt

Optibelt application fans compressors heat exchangers

These systems have to withstand extreme thermal conditions, but still need to function perfectly at all times – this presents a particular challenge for the materials and machinery used.

Piston compressors

Driven by Optibelt

Optibelt application fans compressor piston compressor

Tried-and-tested “all-rounders” in various sizes that can be used in a variety of applications: from car workshops through to large-scale industry.

Air-conditioning in buildings

Optibelt application fans compressors climate

Air-conditioning systems need to be ready for operation around the clock, and this places heavy demands on their drive mechanisms.

Products in use

References in the fan & compressor sector

Optibelt CAP
With CAP offline from Optibelt, you can easily calculate your drive design.
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Success stories

Optibelt success story Sellafield

Improved safety thanks to
optibelt RED POWER belts

The ventilation systems in the “THORP” reprocessing plant at Sellafield in England are liable to be exposed to high temperatures. Conventional drive belts used in these systems suffered frequent failures as a result. Unplanned maintenance in such a sensitive environment is highly undesirable, so in 2010, after advice from Optibelt’s engineers, the operator began equipping his plant with maintenance-free optibelt RED POWER 3 S=C Plus wedge belts.
The result: To date, there have been no further drive-related failures in the ventilation systems.

IN USE: optibelt RED POWER 3 S=C Plus

Optibelt success story Midor

Longer lifespan with
lower costs

In its ice-cream and biscuit factories, the Swiss food producer Midor AG has to satisfy stringent requirements with regard to the climate in the buildings. Previously, this was only possible at great expense and with high maintenance costs. For this reason, MIDOR AG switched here to maintenance-free optibelt RED POWER 3 S=C Plus high-performance wedge belts. This allowed the company to halve the costs associated with the previously used flat-belt drives and to profit from a significantly higher level of operational reliability.

IN USE: optibelt RED POWER 3 S=C Plus

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