optibelt DELTA Chain – Quality in stock

On 1 June, 2021, Optibelt will be introducing its new laser marking for the optibelt DELTA Chain.

Höxter 05/28/2021. In contrast to the inkjet system, the marking will be permanent – even if back bend idlers are used on the back of our premium belt. The high precision and good legibility also make it possible to use a new barcode. Production of the optibelt DELTA Chain with its new laser marking will start around the middle of 2021. 

Fast delivery

We keep the optibelt DELTA Chain in stock in Höxter at all times, in the standard widths of 12 mm, 21 mm, 36 mm and 62 mm, for practically any length from 640 mm to 4480 mm. 

Optibelt Urethane Belting Ltd. stocks sleeves of every length in our Irish warehouse, so that we can cut special widths from them at short notice. Standard belts can also be cut here, from the 30 different sleeve dimensions, to meet urgent requirements.

Optibelt ensures sufficient production capacity for lengths greater than 1800, in particular. If required, larger quantities can also be delivered at short notice, within about six weeks.