optibelt OMEGA timing belts have been used since the end of the 1990s and are constantly being used further developed - so that they always meet the current requirements of the market!

Hoexter, 09/17/2021. Many variants and special designs have been added over the years: from extra oil- and temperature-resistant belts up to the High-performance timing belts optibelt OMEGA HP and optibelt OMEGA HL. The latest development stage is the optibelt OMEGA High Power and optibelt OMEGA High Load.

A new development of the rubber compound allows a higher power transmission up to 40% for the OMEGA High Load to the OMEGA HL and up to 25% for the OMEGA High Power to OMEGA HP, depending on the profile. Thus, the overall belt width can be reduced or with the same belt width the life time can be increased.

Visually, the belt is eye-catching due to the marking and the "velvety" back of the belt, which is due to more and different structure of the aramid fibers. The STD profile also falls under the product name OMEGA. For the first time, the OMEGA profile is transformed into the Optibelt profile.

The belts are only available in profiles 8M and 14M as well as S8M.
The length range is:

  • 8M 288 – 3600
  • 14M 966 – 4578
  • S8M 560 – 2600 

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