Test winner!

The DEUSER BAND ORIGINAL was tested by the magazine ÖKO-TEST together with a large number of other fitness bands.

Höxter, 07. January 2021. The focus of the evaluation was on problematic plasticisers and carcinogenic or suspected carcinogenic ingredients, so-called PAH compounds. When exercising with the bands, harmful ingredients can enter the body through the skin. Of the fitness bands tested, only the DEUSER BAND did not contain any questionable or controversial ingredients. As the only product tested, the DEUSER BAND received the excellent overall rating of "very good".

The DEUSER BAND was specially developed for an efficient training programme. It is produced by us at our Höxter site and sold by our trading partner, the Deuser GmbH & Co. KG. With this effective training device, versatile exercises can be performed, enabling a targeted whole-body workout.
Since 1967, the DEUSER BAND has proven its high elasticity and resistance in both professional and recreational sports and has since become an indispensable component when it comes to the targeted development of various muscle groups. For this purpose, a training app and training instructions in poster format are also available to the user.

The product page on the homepage has been revised and provides information about the Deuser Band.