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Timing belts with cleats

On optibeltALPHA LINEAR, optibeltALPHA V and optibeltALPHA FLEX Cleats can be attached to timing belts at any time using various processes. These include welding, chemical bonding and mechanical connections. The in-house injection moulding process incorporated in the production cycle ensures good product availability.

If the right cleat for the job is not available in the existing range, it can be custom made or adapted cost-effectively to your specification. We would be pleased to help you find the ideal solution for your conveying requirements.



In contrast to coatings that rely on a frictional connection, cleats allow for positive-fit traction of goods on conveyors. They can also, for example:

  • in Convey and, if necessary, align products longitudinally and/or laterally
  • Position them on the conveyor belt
  • Separate them
  • Enable high accelerations and/or speeds
  • Synchronise the conveyed goods with the base belt

The Optibelt cleat range offers a large number of cast blanks and cleats that can be used directly for many applications. If none of these cleats is suitable, a suitable cleat

  • Can be manufactured from an existing cleat by mechanical processing,
  • From a specially manufactured injection mould.

Production using injection moulds is suitable for simple cleat shapes where medium-sized quantities or more are required, and for more complex cleat moulds from small quantities upwards, and can be carried out in our own toolmaking department.



Standard polyurethane cleat materials available:

  • PU 92 Shore A, white
  • PU 65 and 85 Shore A, transparent
  • PU 98 Shore A, greyish white
  • PU FDA 85 Shore A, transparent / blue
  • PU (with GFK)

Further materials
and colours available on request.

Cleats as workpiece holders

Parallel conveyors with supporting table

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