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Arntz Optibelt reached record turnover of around 317 million euros in 2022

• Further international growth

• Celebration of the 150+1-year anniversary of the Arntz Optibelt Group

• Sustainability strategy

• 2023 training offensive

Höxter, 5 September 2023. Turnover of the Arntz Optibelt Group in 2022 was the highest in the entire history of the Group, reaching around 317 million euros and thus putting it over seven percent higher than last year’s proceeds.

The corporate group concluded the 2022 financial year with a new record turnover of just over 317 million euros, thus exceeding the “300 mark”. This reflects a robust growth that could not have been expected at the beginning of last year. On the other hand, the Arntz Optibelt Group also had to contend with last year’s upheavals on energy markets, with supply chains that remain uncertain to this day, as well as with the resulting challenges.

The corporate group has also strengthened its position on the market by expending its global production map and maintaining a strong sales presence. After opening a new production site in the US, construction activities started at the end of last year for production at “Optibelt Production Mexico”. This site is expected to be put into operation this year.

International growth

The AOG holds onto its international orientation and uses it to strengthen its position on the markets. “After the start of construction for the new production site in Mexico at the end of last year, we expect that we will be able to start commissioning the new production plant at our San Juan de Rio facility in the fourth quarter of this year”, declares Konrad Ummen, member of the managing board.

Aside from this, AOG is also further expending its sales presence in Asia. “Thanks to our future distribution company in Indonesia, one of Asia’s most important markets, we are ensuring that our products and associated services are available locally. Our warehouse located near Jakarta allows us to sustainably improve market coverage and to better support our customers”, adds Reinhold Mühlbeyer, chairman of the managing board.

150+1 years of Optibelt

At the beginning of July, the corporate group, together with its employees, retired staff, former employees as well as shareholders, came together at the headquarters in Höxter to celebrate the big anniversary that had been planned for the previous year. Food trucks served delicious food from all around the world while Markus & Marcus, DJs whose renown go well beyond Höxter, and the live band Sup-X made sure that the atmosphere remained festive. This is how, in spite of the heat of July, some 1,300 members of the Group and their guests celebrated the 150th anniversary with great flourish.

Optibelt’s sustainability strategy

As a visible manifestation of the commitment to sustainability, the first solar park in Höxter is to be built to the north of the car park on Von-Siemens-Straße. It generates on average 1,33 megawatt hours of electricity per year, saving approx. 628 tonnes of CO2. Most of the electricity generated will be used directly on site at the company’s headquarters in Höxter. “We now rigorously follow this strategy in all of our production and warehouse sites”, announces Reinhold Mühlbeyer before adding: “AOG’s considerable investments underlines its commitment to invest in clean energy”.

Apprenticeship start 2023

The training of our own specialists and managers is part of Optibelt’s long corporate strategy. In this spirit, a total of 15 apprentices and dual degree students in Höxter alone started their new and exciting apprenticeship courses at the beginning of August. In addition to the range of apprenticeships on offer, the corporate group offers exciting job opportunities in a wide variety of specialist fields. “The intensive training and promotion of young employees is written in the DNA of Optibelt”, explains Konrad Ummen, who emphasises: “It is an important success factor for our positive business development and our growth”.

About Optibelt

The Arntz Optibelt Group is one of the leading global manufacturers of high performance drive belts and develops sophisticated drive and product solutions for use in mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, agricultural machinery, household appliances and the medical sector. The family-run company controls eight production sites in seven countries from its headquarters in Höxter and maintains its own logistics and sales centres in Europe, North and South America, Asia, North Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Worldwide, more than 2400 employees provide the best possible service, excellent customer proximity and the highest quality and safety standards.

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