Arntz Optibelt Group launches new high performance drive belt

Höxter, 1 February 2023. With optibelt BLUE POWER 2, the Arntz Optibelt Group is launching a new high performance wedge belt. Its high-quality raw materials and optimised manufacturing process ensure it delivers outstanding performance in terms of reliability and efficiency.

The greater the challenge, the better the new optibelt BLUE POWER 2 comes into its own. Whether in a chipper, agricultural machine or crusher – up to 97% efficiency can be achieved with this V-belt. It delivers consistent power transmission at temperatures ranging from -30°C to +120°C.

Innovative materials
optibelt BLUE POWER 2 performs better than its predecessor or other wrapped V-belts from Optibelt. Its superstructure and substructure consist of a high-performance ethylene propylene compound (EPDM) reinforced with transverse fibres, which enables it to achieve higher power transmission capacity. The high-flex aramid tension cord increases the flexibility of single belts. Power transmission is possible with fewer belts, which allows sustainable savings to be achieved through the use of narrower pulleys.

All optibelt BLUE POWER 2 single belts and kraftbands have a set code. Belts with the same class designation can be used in a set without measuring them first. The distinctive colour-coded class designation also makes it quicker and easier to combine several belts into a set.