Optibelt launches new aftermarket range

The automotive industry continues to develop rapidly. In order to keep up with the quick changes and to be able to react flexibly to trends we are introducing the new optibelt OLYMPIA product group.

Hoexter, 09/09/2021.The product group includes high-performance belts that differ from the standard range, e.g. due to special specifications or a high degree of innovation. We start with our new Mild Hybrid aftermarket range, which is available now.

Mild Hybrid ribbed belts now available

Mild hybrid systems require an extremely high-performance drive belt, since the power transmission frequently switches between the starter generator and the crankshaft pulley. To withstand these enormous loads, optibelt OLYMPIA Mild Hybrid ribbed belts are made with high performance aramid cords and EPDM mixtures reinforced with aramid fibres.

For more information about the Mild Hybrid belts, please see the flyer.