The DEUSER BAND ORIGINAL was tested by the ÖKO-TEST magazine along with a large number of other gym­nastics bands. The evaluation focused on problematic sof­teners and carcinogenic or suspected carcinogenic com­ponents known as PAH compounds. Harmful substances can penetrate the body through the skin during training with these bands.
Among all of the tested fitness bands, DEUSER BAND ORIGINAL was the only product containing no potentially dangerous or controversial substances. The product marketed by Deuser GmbH was the only one receiving a “very good” overall rating from this test.



The DEUSER BAND ORIGINAL is an approximately 2m-long resistance band used for muscle training. This band is used in various types of sport to improve strength, coordination and endurance.

It can also be used during rehabilitation to build muscle. With a weight of approximately 180g and a low volume, the DEUSER BAND ORIGINAL even fits in a handbag and is the ideal fitness accessory when you’re on the go. It has a tensile force of up to 45kg.

You can get the  DEUSER BAND ORIGINAL here

The little brother of the DEUSER BAND ORIGINAL is an ideal fitness accessory for all. The DEUSER BAND LIGHT is particularly appreciated by women, amateur athletes and seniors. Thanks to the 60% reduction in tensile force compared with the original DEUSER BAND, this band is a must for these groups and an indispensable part of their training programme.

The DEUSER BAND LIGHT is particularly suited for abs, legs and buttocks exercises or for strengthening neck muscles. For professional athletes, this band is particularly suitable after a longer break from training or an injury, and is a useful complement to the stronger DEUSER BAND ORIGINAL. The DEUSER BAND LIGHT comes with a FixClip and two handles to help grip the band properly. It has a tensile force of up to 18kg.

You can get the DEUSER BAND LIGHT here



DEUSER BANDS users can call up a variety of exercises at any time on the comprehensive training app. This app allows users to look for and perform targeted exercises for different areas of the body.

Each band is accompanied by a training instructions poster.

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