Optibelt is strongly involved in associations. Together with other companies, Optibelt sets standards and the framework for political decisions and technical developments. Work in associations makes close communication and an extensive exchange of information possible between market participants.



The VTH and 25 brand manufacturers rely on cooperative marketing for the industry

The VTH and currently 25 TOP PARTNERS from the supplier industry have agreed on a future-oriented form of cooperation and are going on the offensive together with a cooperative marketing and communication concept for the TECHNICAL TRADE:

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Power Transmission Distributors Association

The Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA) is the leading association for the industrial Power Transmission/Motion Control (PT/MC) distribution channel. PT/MC covers a wide range of mechanical, electrical and fluid-driven devices such as bearings, belts, drives, motors, gears, clutches and brakes, linear technology and hydraulics and pneumatics. PT/MC products can be found in manufacturing facilities, assembly lines, in production processes - everywhere there is movement, you will find PT/MC products. Learn more about the Power Transmission/Motion Control industry.

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The EPDA is a membership association whose distributor and manufacturer members offer a diverse and wide range of semi-finished and technical plastic products. Founded in 1973, EPDA members are the owners, managing directors, directors and executives of Europe's largest manufacturers and distributors of plastic sheets, blocks, rods, profiles, pipes, valves and fittings.

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Wirtschaftsverband der deutschen Kautschukindustrie e.V.

The WDK is the organisation for German manufacturers of tyres and technical elastomer products.
WDK supports its 100 or so member companies in maintaining and expanding their international competitiveness in the world.
Additionally, around 40 major suppliers of the rubber processing industry are associated with the WDK as extraordinary members.
The WDK represents approx. 85% of the German rubber industry, measured in terms of industry sales of €11.3 billion in 2014.

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