optibelt TT-A

for quick and precise determination of correct drive belt tension

The optibelt TT-A frequency meter makes it possible for vehicle repair shops to determine and regulate the correct tension quickly and in an uncomplicated manner. In this way, during maintenance and the replacement of drive belts, you are always on the safe side.

The measured value is indicated in Hertz on the display of the device.
The required configuration values for multiple vehicles can be determined simply by checking the supplied manual. This type of measurement has stood the test of time for years at optibelt and reflects the current state of the art.

The optibelt TT-Ameasures the tension of optibelt RBK and optibelt ZRK belts as well as OE and OE-identical timing belts and ribbed belts.

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optibelt TT-A fact sheet
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  • Easy one-button operation
  • Compact detecting element, even in the case of narrow engine compartments and areas that are difficult to access
  • Easy-read LCD display
  • Automatic shut-down after 3 min.
  • Acoustic measuring signal


Aids the alignment of belt drives

Optibelt recommends the handy and precise optibelt LASER POINTER II for aligning drives. Alignment is easier because it is not necessary to hold a levelling cord, and the powerful and bright laser beam is visible on the silver target magnets. The assembly engineer can also perform alignment quicker and more accurately. Less friction means less wear on pulleys and belts, longer running times and so fewer downtimes.

Reduction in spare parts costs. In the case of several or large drives, the use of the
optibelt LASER POINTER II usually pays off within the first month of purchase.

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Service tools fact sheet
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optibelt OPTIKRIK 0, I, II, III

Tests reliably whether the V-belt, kraftband or ribbed belt has the correct tension

Regularly use the tension gauge to check if the V-belt, the kraftband or the ribbed belt is running properly in your vehicle.

Handling the measuring gauges is simple. Our field service team will be happy to assist you.

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Service tools fact sheet
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Measurement range: 500 -3550 mm inside length (Li)

For V-belts, timing belts and ribbed belts.

Measuring range: 500 -3550 mm inside length (Li)

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Fact sheet - Measuring gauge
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