V-belt change VW Beetle Convertible

Optibelt - impressing quality

An amazing performance was shown by an Optibelt v-belt recently! For 38 years and more than 157,000 KM Optibelt ensured an reliable drive inside the VW Beetle.

Length: 1:31 min

optibelt SCC - the first transmission belt with change indicator

optibelt SCC

The optibelt RBK SCC change indicator makes inspection that is more precise possible and prevents unintended early failures.

Length: 1:15 min

Optibelt MTA-II mounting tool

optibelt MT-A II

optibelt MT-A II for an easy installation of elastic EPK ribbed belts.

Length: 1:53 min

Optibelt Automotive Technology - Original Equipment References

Optibelt Automotive Technology

Optibelt - Original Equipment Manufacturer

Length: 1:12 min


What is "nassschlupfoptimiert"?

“Nassschlupfoptimiert” does not straight away make sense, as our video proves.

Length: 2:06 min