01. My first question: How did you come to own this repair shop?
I’ve worked in this car repair shop since 1990. When my boss approached me in 2008 and asked me whether I’d like to take it over, I didn’t need to think twice. I’ve had my master’s papers in my pocket since 1995 and so I have been my own boss since 2008. 

02. Independent or contract repair shop?
Independent repair shop – this always means greater diversity in the workplace. You can see when you look at a contract-based repair shop that many processes have been “automated”.
03. If you had to describe your repair shop in three words, which would you choose?
Firstly, Innovative: We recognise the need for further training to constantly prove that we are able to expertly repair all makes of vehicle.
Secondly, Uncomplicated: Often, many problems can be solved quickly and easily.
Thirdly, Flexible: With us, there’s no need for customers to wait a long time.
04. How important is the aftermarket for the business?
Very important. I would estimate that 85 – 90% of the spare parts we use are from the aftermarket. We therefore also have more scope for determining prices for customers and producing a fair quotation for repairing a vehicle. At the same time customers trust our opinion. Often there are so-called spare parts kits, containing all the components for repairing and replacing a timing belt. With OPTIBELT, that even includes a water pump.

05. Are there also customers who ask for original spare parts?
There are also some customers who ask for original parts to be used. But by offering customers specific advice, we can often convince them to use parts from the aftermarket. After all, even the well-known brands don’t produce brake discs or ribbed belts themselves, but obtain them from suppliers.
06. Is it all a matter of price?
For a while, the “penny pinching” mentality prevailed and everything was “cheaper on the Internet”. This is basically over already, though. Customers appreciate good advice and are prepared to pay a reasonable price for the best quality. Many have previously fallen for cheap replacement parts and have paid for it “doubly” in effect. In my repair shop, only spare parts in original equipment quality, such as from OPTIBELT, are installed.
07. Do you ever stock spare parts?
I always have a small supply of continuous runners (oil filters, light bulbs etc.), but otherwise having spare parts delivered works perfectly well. I get up to four deliveries a day of spare parts supplies from wholesalers.
08. What aspect of work makes it most enjoyable?
The fact that you have grateful and satisfied customers – especially when you can help them without great expense and they can then drive their vehicle away again. 

09. Thank you for the interview! There’s one more question, though, we have to ask you: What’s your dream car?
That’s easy: the new Porsche 991 GT3 RS!