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Every day 310 buses roll off the production line at Yutong. The OPTIBELT drive belts ensure the right drive and comfort. We are very proud that the largest global manufacturer of buses and special vehicles is putting its trust in the made in Germany original equipment quality. After this, this quality pays for itself: in 2012, complaints regarding defective air conditioning were accumulating at Yutong. A real problem for vehicles that are on the road in the warmer climates, ensuring Yutong reacted quickly. The cause was quickly identified: faulty drive belts in the air conditioning, which could not cope with the operating temperatures. Whilst on the lookout for alternative products, they found OPTIBELT.
Yutong put the KBX series through its paces – and chose OPTIBELT as the supplier of full range drive belts. The history of this Chinese company is a prime example of the incredibly rapid speed of development of the economy in the Middle Kingdom – and of the associated quality demand on an international level. It all began in 1963 in Zhengzhou, with the foundation of a repair workshop for buses. Just thirty years later this became the bus manufacturer Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. – Yutong for short. In 2002, the internationalisation of the company accelerated thanks to a cooperation with MAN.
And in 2005, Yutong really got going: a Chinese-Norwegian joint venture opened the door to the European market. Since then, they have specifically invested in in-house developments, such as the first city bus with an aluminium body, in environmentally-friendly drives or in the development of a double-decker city bus with a retro style. Four per cent of the annual turnover is put into research and development projects; over 90 international patents are proof of impressive technical expertise and creativity. And it’s been worthwhile – since 2012, Yutong became the global market leader in the bus sector. And OPTIBELT is happy to provide the drive in future …
  • global market leader in the bus sector
  • over 90 international patents
  • an average of 310 buses per day
  • around 33,000 OPTIBELT drive belts per year