Automotive Technology
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OPTIBELT is renowned worldwide for performance and efficiency, passion and precision, progress and sustainability. For more than 140 years, the family business from Hoexter has been designing and developing technologically advanced drive solutions with consistent, high-quality standards. Always with an eye to each customer’s specific needs, OPTIBELT offers 24 / 7 service and is committed to close partnerships with OEMs and MROs around the world.
In 2012, OPTIBELT received itself not only a fresh new corporate design but also 4 defined corporate divisions. Power Transmission, Automotive Technology, Material Handling and Elastomer Solutions combine OPTIBELT’s expertise under one roof. Foreman Norbert, mechatronics technician Michael, chief engineer Paul and buyer David each represent one division. In demonstrating the techno- logical competences of their respective fields, they serve as trustworthy testimonials of OPTIBELT’s quality and service.