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optibelt TT-A

Ideal support when changing many timing
belts and ribbed V-belts

optibelt TT-A
The optibelt TT-A frequency tension tester allows garages to precisely measure and control correct tensions in a quick and simple way. Thus, you are always on the safe side whenever it comes to maintaining or changing timing belts.

Data results are displayed in Hertz
The required tension values for various types of vehicles can easily be taken from the included manual.

This proven method of measuring mirrors many years of OPTIBELT experience and state-of-the-art technology. 

The optibelt TT-A is the ideal assistant for measuring the belt tensions of optibelt RBK and ZRK belts as well as of all OE and OE-identical timing belts and ribbed
optibelt TT-A
  • Easy single-button-operation
  • Compact sensor, suitable even for narrow engine bays and difficult to access areas
  • Clearly legible LCD display
  • Energy-saving automatic switch-off after three minutes without action
  • Acoustic measuring signal

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