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optibelt MT-A

optibelt MT-A for an easy installation
of elastic EPK ribbed belts.

optibelt MT-A
With the optibelt MT-A, you are provided with a universal tool which can actually replace a multitude of expensive specialised tools of vehicle manufacturers.

The high quality tool is characterised by its resilient material and easy handling. Thus, belts can be mounted quickly and in a professional way. Everything you need besides the optibelt MT-A is an optibelt EPK ribbed belt and a screw or socket wrench that helps you turn the drive pulley manually.
The optibelt MT-A comes in a sturdy plastic box including instructions and a tool for the demounting of the belts.

Due to its specialised operating mode, the tool is applicable for various types of vehicles and is therefore designed for long-term use. We recommend the acquisition of the optibelt MT-A for every garage that wants and needs to be prepared.
optibelt MT-A

  • Easy handling
  • Comes in a sturdy plastic box 
  • Including detailed instructions
  • Extra tool for the demounting of the old belt


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