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To be sure

With effect from 1 July 2014, high visibility vests will be compulsory for cars, lorries and buses in Germany. From this date onwards, at least one high visibility vest must be provided in every vehicle. The regulation is not completely new – it has applied to commercial vehicles since 2007 and most European countries already require that high visibility vests are provided in all vehicles.

High visibility vests certainly make sense, since they increase visibility in emergency situations and help to reduce the risk of consequential accidents. It is still not clear how much drivers in Germany will be fined if caught “topless”. Within Europe, however, fines can be as high as 600 euros.

This is an expense you should avoid – an email to OPTIBELT is all it takes. And we will send you a high visibility vest that complies with EN 471, free of charge. To be sure!

  • 1. Switch your warning lights on

  • 2. Drive onto the hard shoulder, on the
    passenger side

  • 3. Always get out at the passenger side

  • 4. Put on your high visibility vest

  • 5. Place warning triangle
    (150 m or 3 posts)

  • 6. Find an emergency telephone