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optibelt RBK SCC

Ribbed belts with integrated change indicator

optibelt RBK SCC
The world’s first ribbed belt with change indicator: the optibelt RBK SCC – SECURED CHANGE CONTROL.
Every motor is affected by an individual range of factors: humidity, cleaning agents, heat and cold are just a few examples. At the same time, the ribbed belt now also plays an increasingly important role in today’s cars and vans. More and more auxiliary units, and therefore also more safety-related systems, are now driven with the help of the ribbed belt and its components.
With today’s quality products, made to the highest standards with materials such as EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber), it is impossible to reliably check the actual wear and tear of a ribbed belt without the use of tools. This means that the wear limit can be exceeded without anyone noticing, and nothing can be done to prevent this.
The optibelt RBK SCC provides the solution: Red markings become visible on the ribbed side of the belt when the belt reaches the end of its service life. OPTIBELT recommends that you have the ribbed belt serviced and, if necessary, replaced.

This innovation was highly acclaimed at the “International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation” at the EQUIP AUTO 2015 exhibition in Paris. The SCC belt received the Silver Trophy in the “Spare parts & aftermarket” category. The jury, comprising 60 journalists from specialist magazines, chose the winners from several hundred nominees.
  • The world’s first ribbed belt with change indicator
  • Reliable OPTIBELT OEM quality 
  • Technology developed in Germany
  • High temperature resistance thanks to EPDM rubber
  • Undesirable early failures are prevented
  • No test tools required
  • More safety for the workshop and for workshop customers
The optibelt RBK SCC is supplied in premium individual packaging.

Package dimensions:
280 x 38 x 180 mm

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