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optibelt RBK elastic

Ribbed belts elastic

optibelt RBK elastic
Elastic ribbed belts transfer torque in drive systems without the need for tension idlers. The elastic tension cord in the ribbed belt ensures automatic tensioning throughout the entire service life of the belt. As a rule, elastic ribbed belts are used for the mid-range performance bracket and fixed centre distances.
For fitting the belts, we recommend the use of optibelt’s special tools, the optibelt MT-A I and MT-A II, which ensure that the tension cord is not overstretched.

Elastic ribbed belts must never be used as a replacement for normal ribbed belts.
  • Power transmission takes place without the use of tension idlers
  • Fibre-reinforced EPDM with elastic tension cord
  • No time-consuming replacement of belt tensioners during servicing

3 EPK – 6 EPK
700 - 2063 mm

Further dimensions available on request.

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