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optibelt MARATHON I

V-belts – raw edge, moulded cogged

optibelt MARATHON I
The MARATHON 1 has an excellent tension behaviour with low-stretch.

That, together with the section accuracy, means it is quiet running to a high degree when it comes to rotating alternators, water pumps or air conditioning compressors.

Due to its maintenance-free high performance capability, continuous use of the MARATHON 1 is particularly cost-effective.
  • Long life
  • High efficiency
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Quiet running
  • Excellent tension behaviour
optibelt MARATHON I
AVX 10; AVX 13

V10; V13; V15; V20
JASO E107 : 2000

10A; 11A; 13A; 15A; 17A; 20A
SAE J636

Special profiles:
AVX 11; AVX 11,2; AVX 11,5;
AVX 11,9

AVX 10: 600-1770 mm
AVX 13: 700-2500 mm
AVX 11: 528 mm
AVX 11,2: 785-866 mm
AVX 11,5: 685-790 mm
AVX 11,9: 650-1183 mm

Further sizes on request.

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