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  • “Nassschlupfoptimiert” does not straight away make sense, as our YouTube video proves.

    Are you also curious? In this short film, you will be witness what associations the term triggers – and how perfect it fits when the meaning finally sets in.

The optibelt RBK remains at ease in wet conditions

The developers at OPTIBELT have developed a product with impressive characteristics once again: the RBK ribbed V-belts with lotus effect. The water simply drips off these drive belts and the power transmission takes place completely free of noise. Does not slip, does not squeal, and enables optimal performance.
That is optimised wet slip resistance!

Full wash cycle

The best possible performance, no noise development, even in wet conditions. We documented this test success with a car wash test of a somewhat different kind ...

The Nassschlupf offensive

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  • Advertisement is at its best if it perplexes, makes people smile – and introduces something new. Exactly that is the case with the term nassschlupfoptimiert. Therefore, we are playing around with a group of words that can tell an entire story.

  • Our campaign places emphasis on the human side of things instead of on sober engineering, presenting the technical benefits of optibelt RBK in an entertaining manner. Distribution, commercial partners, as well as professional repair shops will profit from the campaign.

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    09/13 – 09/17/2016