Automotive Technology
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02. October 2015


From 24 to 27 August, OPTIBELT once again proved its credentials as an innovative partner in the “Automotive Technology” sector at the MIMS Automechanika international trade fair in Moscow.

The MIMS trade fair is the leading industry platform for automobile products in Russia and neighbouring countries, having this year welcomed well on 1 120 exhibitors from more than 35 countries.

Apart from the tried and tested standard products in the areas of “CAR POWER” and “TRUCK POWER”, OPTIBELT also introduced two novelties which were of great interest to the visitors. One of these was the optibelt KIT RBK, the most recent addition to the successful product family in the field of OPTIBELT repair kits for passenger cars and utility vehicles. The optibelt KIT RBK comprises a full repair kit for drives for V-ribbed belts, including belt and associated components such as tensioning and guide rollers. It is no longer necessary to order the individual spare parts separately.

The presentation of the optibelt RBK SCC drive belt was the second highlight. This is a globally novel innovation which allows uncomplicated and purely visual inspection of a belt. An integrated change indicator will warn the user when the life cycle of the belt nears its end: Replacement will be due when the belt rib side shows a red colour. This will increase safety and prevent surprises of premature failure.

The MIMS Automechanika trade fair takes place annually in Moscow, accompanied by a comprehensive programme of numerous forums and seminars. The four-day trade fair in Russia’s capital this year attracted over 32 000 experts from the sector.