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22. October 2015


OPTIBELT impresses trade visitors with innovative new products

The Leistungsmesse is a trade fair for the automotive service industry held every two years in Kassel, organised by the CARAT Group. This year’s trade fair saw OPTIBELT and more than 200 other exhibitors from industry and trade exhibit existing products, new products and innovations for the private and commercial vehicle sector. Attended by around 20,000 visitors, the fair is ideal for anybody from the industry to learn about the latest trends in areas such as workshop equipment and systems, spare part, and car body and paint requirements.

A popular automotive industry supplier, OPTIBELT exhibited not only its time-tested standard CAR POWER and TRUCK POWER range products, but also impressed trade visitors with two new innovations. One of these was optibelt RBK SCC which received much interest and praise and is a completely unique and the first drive belt ever with a fully integrated replacement indicator that allows belt wear to be checked by sight alone: if the belt is red on the inside, it needs to be replaced.

However, the new auxiliary unit repair kit optibelt KIT RBK was also a great hit with visitors. This complete repair kit for drives with ribbed belts saves a tremendous amount of time and costs thanks to comprising all of the components required for a repair as well as corresponding drive rollers in the trusted OPTIBELT quality. Demand for both of these new products consequently skyrocketed over the entire trade fair.

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